Physical therapy focuses on helping children maximize their potential to independently explore their environment utilizing skills such as running, walking, crawling, climbing, and sitting.  Physical therapists improve movement by promoting:

-Increased Strength
-Improved Range of Motion
-Motor Planning
-Gross Motor Development

Our Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are licensed by the North Carolina Board of Physical Therapists.  Our providers specialize in treatment of a wide variety of diagnoses including: cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, developmental delay, torticollis, brachial plexus injuries, genetic syndromes, coordination disorders, and gait abnormalities using treatments such as Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), movement facilitation, adaptive equipment, wheelchair and positioning devices and orthotics.

Our therapists recognize the role of family and caregivers in the development of the child.  The family and caregiver will be educated during each session on movement facilitation, positioning for play, as well as techniques to help their child gain the most independence through an individualized home exercise program.  Additionally, therapists may provide recommendations for orthotics, equipment to increase mobility and improve positioning, body mechanics and play activities to help each child have the most success throughout their development.